How Does Video Review Work?
I am offering an opportunity to have a highly qualified and experienced scent detection instructor review and provide feed back on  your training or trial video. The process is quite simple.

1. Prepare Your Video to Post
Choose what search you would like to include in a single video file. To get the best possible feedback please try to include both you and your dog.  Once your video is all set, upload it to YouTube so you can share the URL with the instructor. Maximum video length 2-3 minutes.

2.  Email link

Email the Youtube link to

Once received you will be asked for payment.

3. Background Info
Please provide some background information about the video. Include your teams training background/level of experience.

Once payment has been received your video will be reviewed within 3 business days. Your instructor will provide you detailed feedback to help get you to the next level of your training.


Need help setting a search up or what to work on? If you are having problems coming up with search exercises to work on, we can help. Let us know what you are having problems with or if you just something new, we will set you up with an exercise modelled to help you and your dog succeed. Video your exercise to send in for review as per the video review instructions.

Introductory Price: Video Review
One video review - $20.00
Pack of 6 video reviews - $100.00

Introductory Price: Search Exercise + Video Review

Payment can be made by e-transfer. Please send an e-transfer to (Please include handler and dog name in comments).

Video review is done by Shanna Chynoweth, CPDT-KA, CNWI

CPDT-KA  - Certified Professional Dog Trainer

CNWI - Certified Nose Work Instructor
UKC Nosework Judge
CKC Scent Detection Judge
SDDA Elite-Level Competitor
Accomplished Scent Detection Instructor
Owner - Dawg Gone Good


The most helpful instructions: Shanna has been giving instructions after reviewing our nosework videos last few months. She picks a small behaviour change from our dogs we missed during our searches, and gave us what to work for and how to achieve our goals. I personally could not believe the improvement my shy little dog made under Shanna’s instructions. I highly recommend video reviewing by her when you have a green dog or you have been doing nosework for a while and your team has a specific goal.
May and Chouchou

Shanna’s video analysis is absolutely fantastic. She finds changes in behaviour of your dog that you miss while doing a search. Shanna also helps you as a handler, explaining how you might be crowding your dog, getting in the way of your dog, unknowingly disrupting air flow making the search more difficult for your dog; along with tips in leashes and leash handling. Jake had quit working in searches and I lost a lot of my confidence as a handler. With Shanna’s help, Jake is starting to search again and I’m feeling more confident too. Regardless of where you are in nosework, I highly recommend Shanna and her video training.

Fay & Jake

Shanna is an excellent instructor who is able to explain nosework fundamentals in a detailed and progressive manner before the introduction of targeted exercises. She restricts the number of students per class in order to provide extensive individual attention with abundant positive energy. Shanna seems to have endless patience for coaching! Feedback from Shanna is very supportive and instills confidence in both beginner and advanced teams. I find that she can discern the smallest problematic detail in searches that results in an immeasurably improved performance. I would recommend these classes unreservedly.
Catherine and Keely


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